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Experimenting with different combinations of foods is something really exciting to do. Especially for a foodie, who always tries something novel and tempt to please his taste buds. When we try some unique combos of foods they sometimes turn out well other times they are just like a shit. The irony is that those food items that look weird together, they end up working excellent.
Here we have something on the similar lines. These are the most iconic food duos around the world that are uniquely paired up intentionally or may be unintentionally. Check them out!
1. Milk and Oreo
Milk and cookies are everyone’s favourite specially when eaten together. But Oreo biscuits are something that tastes delicious when dipped in milk. Even though, company has come up with so many new flavours but original cookies will be original.
2. Macaroni and cheese
The Italian dishes actually rely on the one and only ingredient i.e. cheese. Macaroni or pasta when paired up with cheese makes a fabulous combo that would drive you crazy.
3. Pizza and Beer
If you haven’t tried it yet, I would insist you to go for it. Trust me, it would be really hard to say no to this combo of food and booze, especially when you have a hot pizza on the lap and chilled beer in hand.
4. Coffee and Donuts
The craze for coffee and donuts is really common around the world. If you order a donuts then it’s perfect to get a donuts too. You will get to know how it goes once you try it.
5. Grilled cheese and Tomato soup
Wow! I just want to sink my teeth immediately into this luscious food combo. This is slowly growing up as an iconic duo meal. Imagine the melted oozy cheese inside the crispy toast which when dipped inside hot tomato soup is just unexplained. Yumm…….!
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