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Swedish youtuber PewDiePie who was recently in the news for taking at a dig at one of Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap ‘Kasam Se’ which started a war between him and Ekta on twitter. Now he is back again with another video in which he is again taking a dig at Ekta Kapoor. The name of his new video on youtube is “She is angry because I made fun of her”.
He even spelled her name wrong saying “Etika Kapoor here and I hate PewDiePie.” He claims that he has nothing to do with Ekta in particular and addresses her directly in the video saying "I don't know who you are. What do you want from me?" and he doesn’t stop here, he ends the video with a disclaimer that reads: "Don't be like Ekta Kapoor and go on a Twitter rant when it is completely unrelated to you as well."
We wonder how well this will go when Ekta finds out about this. And how will she react this time? Though the last time when she went on a twitter rant calling the Swedish youtuber a “firangi”, it didn’t go well for her. But Ekta being Ekta refused to apologies for her comments.
And even it’s not the first time that PewDiePie is hitting the headlines. He has been in news on and off, from time to time. In the past he was blocked by twitter because he claimed to join ISIS and also once his contract with Disney and Youtube was withdrawn because of his anti-semitic approach.
Now we need to wait and see how far will he take this with Ekta Kapoor.
Check out the video here:
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