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It’s ladies night this Saturday. Will be getting free drinks. It would be fun. That’s what you are thinking when you plan on going to a ladies night at some bar. Right?
This is all you know about ladies night. Because this is what you are told. It’s ladies night here on Saturday at our bar, you will get free drinks and oh my god it is going to be so much fun. That’s what they said.
But they don’t tell you about a lot of things related to this genius little plan called ‘Ladies Night’. Have you ever asked yourself or anyone that why ladies are being offered free drinks with free entry in an expensive bar. Well let’s start from the beginning here and lets talk about things that bars don’t want you to know about ladies night.
1. Ladies night are not meant for the ladies…
Shocked! Well don’t be. This is the harsh truth that you might or might not know. Ladies nights were planned and bought into bar culture just to use women as a bait to attract more and more men. Just a marketing trick to bring in more ladies to the bar so that men can gawk and flirt with drunk ladies.
There is no men’s night. Ever wondered why?
Because if bars start giving free men’s night all the men will come in groups for free drinks and bars will indeed go in loss.
2. It is a marketing technique to lure the real buyer – Men
Well we have to accept that it is a brilliant idea. Ladies night are to for ladies, to attract ladies by giving them free drinks and the men automatically comes in the bar to be creepy around drunk girls, to land a date or in hopes of landing into a one night stand. And the irony is that even though the bars are giving free drinks on ladies nights still they are earning more than ever because it’s the men who are coming and paying.
3. The idea of ladies nights came in from the Harvard-esque clubs where in only members are allowed to come but they give free entries and drinks to women
This helps keeping the crowd of men for a longer time in bar as they get busy in staring the ladies tat come in the bar.
4. All the free drinks available on ladies night are hard hitting drinks
Most drinks offered during ladies nights are vodka based drinks so they hit you hard and soon.
5. They use low quality alcohol so that it starts hitting you faster
Most pubs use low quality alcohol which get you drunk more faster than anyone and anything.
6. None of the drinks go to waste on ladies Night
If you don’t want it the bartender will pass it on to the next girl who comes in for a drink.
7. The short time frame for ladies night ensures that you drink as much alcohol as possible in that time frame
Drink as much as you can in that time frame and then get tipsy.
Next time some guy rants out about how lucky you are to have Ladies Night just tell him the facts or when you go to Ladies Night you know better.
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