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A chirping city with quirky humour, adorable people and gutkha, of course, *sigh*. Kanpur is one of the most loved cities in India and the Kanpurriyas are a living example of living the life to the fullest.
The slangs that they use are sure to give you that uber cool feel you've always wanted. So, get your notepads ready and learn some really eccentric yet super cool words from Kanpur:-
Abe, Nawajuddin ko dekhe ho, kya Bhaukal actor hai be!
The next time you are up to praise someone, add some pinch of Kanpurriya lingual. You will definitely get some extra browny points.
Abe, Madhur ki lugai ko dekhe? Shi chauchak ladki se biyah kiya hai sasur!
Try saying, "Kya chauchak lag rahi ho yaar" instead of "Hey, you look beautiful" to your crush. She will instantly call the mohalla pundit to do the saat pheras with you.
Abhi Hapak Ke Ek Kantaap Padega Saari Rangbaaji Nikal Jaayegi...
just imagine the degree of swag if Rajjo had said this to Chulbul Panday, "Kantaap se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyar se lagta hai". *mindblown*
Payjame me raho Khalifa na bano, samjhe?
This term perfectly resonates with an Indian politician who has got this massive chaati of 56 inches and has a bug for leisure travel. I cannot really remember his name or maybe I do but just don't want to get shot in my head. *political joke done right*
Abey Rinku satedi ke payse dedo be nahi labhed ho jaygi.
A philosophical quote with a Kanppuriya twist looks so good, here:
"Life may throw a lot of Labhed but stay steady and calm and reach the goalpost"
Abey kya shi Chirrand admi ho yaar tum!
This is what my family, peers, siblings, cousins, workers and countrymen have titled me as and guess what, I don't even have any shame telling this. You guys really need to buy some confidence from me. *insert lol, rofl and other abbreviations*
Abey seedhe seedhe matter batao bakaiti kiye to thopda suja denge.
Question - What most of the media channels are doing nowadays instead of showing good news?
Answer - See the picture above!
Kuch samajh me padd raha ki aisey hi aurangjeb bane phir rahe ho?
My father has always taught me to be a street- aurangjeb person for it helps a person in the long run. *Puns are fun*
Go, flaunt these uber cool slangs and make the heads turn!
Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
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