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This is sure that food is only eaten when it looks good to the eyes. Although a food lover who is crazy about experimenting different food items can’t resist himself from any kind of dish. But yes, it has to appeal to the eyes first otherwise it cannot reach to your mouth.
For every foodie, different dishes are always a treat. Be it a dessert or spicy stuff, he sinks his teeth without thinking about anything. So if you are a foodie and you would get to see what I am going to show you right away, you won’t be able to stop yourself having it and jump in to eat the delicious looking dishes from around the world.
But hey wait! These are not real. LOL!
Yes! An artist Shilpa Mitha a.k.a. Sueño Souvenir from Chennai is super talented in creative miniature food items with clay that would surely make you salivate much more than you do. These miniatures are actually look real and are just flawless.
Take a look at the replicas of different dishes that would force you to utter, “WOW”!
Wah! Perfect Punjabi tadka. The chicken tikka and green pudina chutney with good looking onion salad and lemon. It’s just mouth- watering. How would a Punjabi stops himself having this?
Puri chole, chuney sbji… Wah! The foos=d for all but unfortunately we can’t eat it.
Did you notice that grilled fish among all the dishes? How real it is looking. Again mouth- watering!
Look at the texture of naan. The rice and tandoori paneer tikka is just looking moreish! The way she has decorated every bit of it is just amazing.
Oh! The movie meal is looking just out the world. I wish I could take it into the movie theatre and enjoy! It’s looking more delicious than the real one.
The sea food is here guys! Keep calm and crab on! How perfect it is. Saucy and yummy!
The perfect thali! Kadi pkoda, pyaz, chawal, salad. Wow!
Last but not the least, it’s Rasmalai, which is almost everyone’s favourite! Just wana ask her one question—Shilpa, do you make edible food items as delicious as these clay made items look like?
Shilpa basically use dry clay which is a synthetic material. She does not bake the items while creating her designs. Here’s what she says in an interview with Buzzfeed, “I was experimenting with paper & clay and one fine day I decided to make myself a pair of burger earrings. It just started there. Anything with rice takes me a long time...need to make it one grain at a time”, she added.
“I always thought of food as a great art form. I wanted my work to be different and special so I focused on Indian food. Luckily, we have a wide variety in our country so I keep experimenting with different cuisines." Shilpa says.
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