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Boys and girls, especially teenagers, who are living away from their parents, are the pettiest creatures in my eyes. They are too new to the situations which are to be handled alone by them. Some have gone to other cities for study and some to earn their livelihood. But amid all these things they have to manage the things and the routine stuffs which are quite difficult. Of course, every child is pampered by parents at home. The difficulty level increases when they have to live alone doing everything independently.
So in that case, when it became really hard for them to figure out things, there is only one option left and that is calling their moms. Here we have 7 instances when the helpless creature calls mom to get an advice.
1. Trying to make Rajma Chawal
Hello, Ha maa, pehle ye btao k Rajma mein pani kitna daalu or siti kitni krau??
2. When you wash your white trousers along with red top and your shirt stained with red spots
Ye red colour kaise niklega ab trouser se? kya!, Vinegar or baking soda rub kru? Koi or asan treeka nahi hai kya maa! :(
3. When you feel that dal- sbzi is no more edible
Ye fridge mein pde the do din se, thik hoga kya??
4. When you feel that you’ve bought onions at high price
Maa, pyaz ka rate kya chl rha hain market mein?
5. When you are having fever and headache
Mom, paracetamol to le li, pr fever nahi utra. Koi or medicine btao na.
6. When you are travelling alone in cab
Mom, I am in cab. Jab tk ghar nahi phunchti baat krte rehna.
7. When your periods get late
Mom, my stomach is aching like anything, periods bhi nahi aye abhi, doctor ko dikha lu kya?
This is how it goes. If you are staying away from your parents, you would definitely relate with it.
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