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As the number in your age starts increasing, your body, mind and soul starts asking for more attention. And you should not be ignoring any of it. So as you start approaching towards 30 start being kinder to yourself.
Turning 30 might look terrifying but as said age is just a number and it won’t define anything. But with age there are lots of things that might change in your body and mind. This is where the concept of self-care steps in. So now when you are in the cusp of this new decade you should be doing somethings for yourself.
Travel alone
It is important to travel because it soothes your soul. 30s is the time when you are in the prime of your life. You are well settled with good money from your work and happy with good food in your plate. So now is the time when you take out some time off from your work and start travelling to places you have always dreamt of going to. And this is the best time to find out if you enjoy your own company or not. Trust me it is very important to enjoy your own company.
Go Shopping
Treat yourself with shopping atleast once a month. It will refresh your soul and make you happy.
Go out and eat alone
Have a date with yourself. Go out to eat alone and order whatever the hell you want.
Fall in love with your body
It’s time that you stop criticizing your body and fall in love with it. Know that you are beautiful just the way you are.
Treat your body
Treat your body with full body massage twice in a month or maybe even thrice.
Get a complete make-over
Have a complete make-over both mentally and physically. Flush away the bad memories and make way for new. Also make some changes in your style.
Get rid of a bad habit
Well it’s time to work on a bad habit that you have been trying to get rid of since a long time. Just get rid of it girl.
Have girl’s night out
Hang out with your girlfriends as much as possible and have a blast whenever you meet.
Forgive someone
It’s time to let go of that old grudge and forgive someone. Find peace of mind.
Volunteer for a cause you believe in
It will feel good. Volunteer for a cause you believe in and make a difference.
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