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Drinking alcohol is glamourized so much that people who don’t drink because of their personal reasons are socially shamed. Firstly, you should never be ashamed of not drinking alcohol but be proud that you take care of your health more than others. You need to find grace in everything whether someone drinks alcohol or not, and respect their choice.
So, if you need non-alcoholic drinks when all your friends are having alcohol, here is a list:
1. Mocktail
There is no such thing as too many mocktails, you can have as many you like. There can be a variety of mocktails that must be available at a bar or you can even make it at home.
2. Non-Alcoholic Sangria
If you think sangrias are only meant for the alcohol drinkers, you need to update yourself to this magnificent taste bud. Totally unique ad it will be a savior for your classy side as well (wink).
3. Cold Coffee
Yeah caffeine is not recommended too but the point is not for the health tips, right? Anyway skipping some alcohol shots over coffee is not a bad thing. So, cold coffee it is and there are many varieties from cappuccino to mocha.
4. Cranberry juice
This is quite cheesy and used by many but works because cranberry juice is both tasty and gives you the feel of having red wine. It can be a good bluff as well.
5. Sparkling Mint-Lime Iced Tea
This can be your gorgeous drink and to decorate it, you can use star fruit and kiwi. Fancy enough. How’s that for impressive?
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