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Gerard Butler, the brooding man of the highly acclaimed film " 300" is like the heartbeat of many women out there.
With those razor sharp looks, he makes the ladies go weak in knees.
But, do you know Gerard once had a crush on this really beautiful actress and he even proposed her for marriage, and the big thing is that she is an actress from India.
Any wild guesses?
Well, it is none other than our very own "Desi Girl" Priyanka Chopra who made Gerard skip a beat of heart.
No doubt why Gerard went gaga over her!
This was way back in 2009 when Gerard came to India and was smitten by Priyanka's beauty.
And looks like he was not able to forget her completely which is why he was found quoted saying this in 2012:
"I am still single because I am waiting for Priyanka Chopra."
Currently, Priyanka is rumoured to be dating Nick Jones while Gerard is reportedly single as of now. However, he is often seen with Morgan Brown, so who knows what's cooking!
Gerard and Morgan
Priyanka and Nick
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