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When I was a kid, My birthday was used to be celebrated with cakes and candles like every other kid's. But as I grow up I felt the change in the process advancing every year and then it comes the time where parties were replaced by "Pooja" and "Shanti Patha". I think some of you might also have seen the change in the process. And I am all fine with these traditions as long as I get good food and got to play with my gifts.
But that got me thinking, can there be other tradition in the world around the birthdays? So I searched and found some weird one, let's check em up.
1. Age of Fetus.
This tradition comes from China, where a baby is considered one year old when it gets born. Apparently, they consider the time that baby spent in the mother's womb, which is nine months normally, and round off to one year. Or they also count the time when boy and girl meet and go on a date and try to impress each other and they do the dead. Which is a more interesting explanation than "round off". Decide for yourself.
2. Old enough for Bullet Ants.
This b'day gift is popular into tribal Brazile, where a boy, on his 13th bday, has to wear gloves full of Bullet Ants. Reason? to prove his masculinity. I have a question, If 13 years boy has to get bitten by bullet ants to prove him as a man, What does he have to do to get married, fight a crocodile? I didn't get a walkman on my 12th bday and I thought I was not loved, Now I love my parents for not getting my hands swollen up.
3. Flour Spray.
Imagin, On your friend's bday all of your gang and family getters to throw flour on him/her other to represent the aging of the birthday boy or girl. This tradition is from Jamaica It's like holi but instead of colors it flour and you are safe from retaliation.
4. Silent Birth.
So this not much a regional thing but more of a belief thing. So Scientology believers have a belief that child must not hear disturbing noises because they believe that it might scare them for life and can turn out to be weird. I must say, is it crazy? I don’t know, but never tell a woman to keep quiet when she is pushing out a human out of her body. Okay? Good. By the way, If you are 20 years old, and can not party with alcohol, just move to China and go crazy.
5. Face Cake/ Birthday Bumps / No Gift
It's happened only in India and more specifically between Indian college students. And it's stupid and moronic and frustrating stop wasting cake and beating the shit out of people and bring a gift even if it's a small chocolate.
So for your next bday look for some different tradition to celebrate don't just be a dumb college kid and rejoice your special day.
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