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Social media has taken over our lives. We are living in a world where if someone is not on Facebook he/she starts facing existential crisis. We believe in talking virtually than talking in person. Our lives revolve around our Instagram followers and Facebook likes. Well in a line we all are turning into a social media junkie. Social media isn’t a bad thing to use but overusing it can be dangerous for you.
From where I remember it social media came into our lives because it was a medium to connect with our friends who lived far away from us and with whom communicating was a problem. So platforms like Facebook helped in sharing part of our lives with them and knowing a bit about them too. But now with so many apps flooding our phone screens, we have made social media the air we breathe. I know most of you won’t agree with me on this but okay tell me this how many of you wake up in the morning and not immediately check your phones, whatsapp or your instagram. Like it’s too late, like sleeping peacefully might have made you miss on something. Like without checking your instagram stories or without sharing your stories with the world, the world will stop moving.
If you too are turning into a social media junkie but need proof, here are 7 signs that you are really turning into one.
1. When you meet your friend you make her click your pictures or stories for instagram rather you should be talking to her and make up for the time you couldn’t meet and talk. You should be catching up with her.
2. When you go out to eat food (come on you know what I am going to say) you spend first half hour in clicking the pictures of your food and putting it up on instagram when you should be eating it.
3. All the news you get about the people you love is through social media. You just check their pictures and posts on Instagram, facebook, snapchat – that’s how you know your friends.
4. Like I said earlier your day starts with your phone and ends with your phone. You wake up first thing you do is check your phone, you sleep last thing you do check your phone.
5. Whenever you are bored, your first instinct is to check your phone and then you just sit there scrolling through the endless feed.
6. Anywhere you go, there needs to be one picture that will later go on your instagram feed. Somehow you plan your day according to it.
7. Your candids are not so much candid. You plan your candid pictures as well.
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