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Hotel accommodations, rental cars and travel may be the must haves to check while travel preparation, but pinning down some of aspects of your vacation like right travel partner, duration and goal is equally important.
Jayant Singh, Founder and Managing Director, Karma Hospitality and Richa Khurana Singh, Travel Expert share some insights to achieve a smooth, headache-free trip, which will take care of your initial essential planning.
* Looking for a holiday or an adventure?
While one loves to explore the world and experience different cultures, at times all you need is a break and that's when one should see if you are looking at traveling as learning or as an adventure.
* Goal for the trip?
You plan it as a leisure trip or spending quality time with your family is your trip goal. One needs to be careful for the things he/she is planning, for the trip to be adventurous one should specifically select a place which is best for adventures. What you are looking for in a location? The food? Its history? The arts?
Your trips should never be interrupted no matter how much you love your family or kids. If you need to refresh, spend your break with the people who will help you refresh your mind- encourage fewer people or plan a solo trip. If you want to stop the chase then find a travel mate, who is as much adventurous as you are and prefer a wine over the pool with you.
* Money and the duration
Your spending will always decide the duration of the trip, you must be setting out some money! Right? Now is the time when you have made a decision as to what exactly you want to do and with whom you want to go. Carefully consider how much of your savings you want to spend on this particular outing. Are you hoping to take a big trip sometime in the future? If so, don't spend your whole roll on this one.
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