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Recently we all were treated with a superhero ensemble called of Infinity War, And as it was said in the trailer it was indeed a group of remarkable people both with powers and personality. And there are many more of them existing on the comic book pages. But not all that glitters is gold. Some of them are not so remarkable instead just opposite. And today we are going to have a look at some of those super heroes how are just bad, let’s get started.
1. Edie Sawyer ( U-Go Girl)
Featured in X-Force no. 116 in Marvel comics. This Super hero had a weird starting in comic books. What are her powers? First let’s find out how she got that name. So you all must have heard the term “Wardrobe Malfunctions”. Same thing happened to her, during a trial for X-Force where she accidently flasher her intimate parts to a crowd and as expected people cheered “ you go girl”, Not so impressive. But her power is not as bad, she can teleport, and how she got that power, while giving birth to her child, she wanted to go away from the baby and the pain and got transported. This is just lame. And also she is a drug addict.
2. The Almighty Dollar (Jay Pennington Pennypacker)
Now those are enough stupid name for one guy. His super power is he can shoot pennies from his wrist which he got because of a mad scientist who was disguising his operation as a self-esteem camp. And probably not the first time a self-esteem camp end up being embarrassing. He shoots pennies from his wrist and call him dollar, it’s just stupid.
3. Beckah Parker ( Gin Genie)
So being drunk is fun for some people but who thought it could be a super power, Apparently Miss Parker can be lethal when she is drunk, she can create seismic shock waves, how strong? well it depends on how drunk she is. First appeared in your favorite X-force which is not so strange when you considered Deadpool’s Team. Which was also a big fuckup. So was she, she sometime attacks her own team mate may be because she is blacked out all the time.
4. Arm Fall Off Boy
Another stupid name but his power will make you go “what the actual fuck”. Are you ready to know, so he can detach his hands so he can use it as a baseball bat to beat criminals. So people who find Enchantress from “Suicide Squad” stupid, she got a big competition. Because a jack ass is going to beat you with his one arm swinging by the other one if you don’t chose his as the most stupid one.
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