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Fashion never remains constant thus keeps on changing and with every changing fashion season we get introduced with a corpus of new bag trends. And we get so many options that it becomes tough to decide which ones to add to your already swelling collection.
But this time there is one type of bag that you must have or add to your bag collections which are basket weave bag. Yess ladies basket weave bags are in this season and you need to lay your hands on them immediately. They are unique in their designs and they will give you the feel of having a picnic day. But they look totally dope and stylish and best part they come in different size and shapes. They are very versatile and will fit into all your needs may it be a day out with friends or girlfriends, date night and even for meeting your grandma.
Here are some of the basket weave bags that you need right now.
Mango Rafia Round Bag
You will immediately fall in love with this one. This one is a modern take on the woven bag concept and it comes with a short handle as well as detachable long black straps.
Romwe Ruffle Trim Straw Tote Bag
It looks like a reversed hat and is in the shape of a basket. But this one is an eye catchy bag.
Forever 21 Square Straw Handbag
This one is in the shape of a box and looks really cool. It also has tan faux leather flap top.
Vajor Olive Woven Sling
Well I am quite speechless about this one but all I would say is that you should buy it. This pastel-leaf green sling will woo you to a level where you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying it.
Shein Round Straw Tote Bag
Another classy, casual and cute sling bag with long straps. This will go with your summer dress and will compliment it.
H&M Straw Bag
Carry this bag on your beach day and also for a lunch date. This is perfect to throw all your things in and go on with your day.
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