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We are living in an era where we have a technology that can even predict future. From our top cool gadgets to our love of life i.e. smartphones, we are surrounded by so many things that now we can’t ask for much than these. The smartphones contains numerous applications that help us to connect with others. Be it WhatsApp, Hike, Instagram, Snapchat, all are in our hands. We just have to take them out and there it goes.
Making memories with our loved ones is a good way to use it but excessive use of these apps is sometimes becomes irritating and hilarious. You must be having Snapchats in your phones right? Tell me! When and how you use it? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what you do with these apps. I am sure after watching it, you would say— Yes, I do the same stuffs! LOL!
So relate yourself with these funny things if you are a daily user of Snapchat
1. Making snapchats inside cars playing favourite songs
They play their favourite music in the car, make video on snapchat and then post it with a exciting caption to let others know that they are on a long drive and enjoy their weekend doing full ‘masti’. But manier times they just went to buy veggies from market.
2. No matter how hungry they are, they would snapchat the meal first
They are unaware of the fact that the food is no longer warm and they are dying to eat the food as the rats in their stomach are playing hide and seek. But no, first they will take a picture, edit it thrice, add a caption and finally put it up as their snapchat story. Crazy people!! Huh!
3. Using filters to filter their natural look
This is quite funny. Making you smart enough is undeniably in the hands of snapchat. The filters are just awesome and if you are not that good looking then the cute filter would make you look ordinary to cute and people won’t be able to know about your real looks. So, keep going guys!
4. Has to have a snapchat in club while dancing
Well, taking pictures and videos for the sake of memories are always fun. But what if you get crazy with lots and lots of stories as if you want to tell others that you resided in that club for the while weekend. Ugh..!
5. Showing the world your beloved husband’s talent of cooking (which happens once in a while)
Women have a habit of telling the whole world about the talent of their husbands. So when once in while they cook their wives, immediately women look for their phones to make snapchats. What should I say now! Crazy crazy!!
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