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Lately, India has been struck by a wave of Rap culture. What started with Honey Singh popularising the genre has now gained immense popularity in India with the likes of Badshah and Raftaar making people swoon over their slick words and tunes.
And, amidst this, if some artist brings back that essence, those words that pump you up to go in the harsh world and be a winner, then he surely deserves massive applauds.
Dino James, the social media sensation who has garnered a huge fan following because of his motivational raps is one artist you ought to look for.
He raps on social issues like racism, body shaming etc. He also puts his words at work to describe the wrath of life and fruits of struggle. He is on YouTube with channel name Dino James and has already gathered an audience of around 650k subscribers.
Here are some of his best songs, check them out and stay motivated!
Dino recorded this song to fight against the evil of Body-Shaming and voila what a powerful song he has created. he is truly UNSTOPPABLE!
A truly impactful song with provoking lyrics that will open your eyes to see the hideous practice of racism. He has done an extremely commendable job here as well!
Ever felt so low in life that you could not help but think that you are a freaking loser? If yes, then this song by Dino will be like a boon for you.
Some of his other inspirational songs are Yaadein, Thanks a Lot and Maa.
You can check all his songs at :
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