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A lot of people in your life accept you the way you are, parlor wali aunty is not one of them. Beauty parlors or salons are the most ironical places you ever visit. If you are wondering why, it’s because you go there to groom yourself and look good, but you come back feeling like the worst looking person on Earth.
Parlors will either have the parlor service team, you or others sitting in the queue, waiting for their turn. The parlor service “apparently” are supposed to make you feel terrible because that is when you will want to look the best and use all their treatments. Here are some of the things you get to hear when you visit parlor:
1. When you ask aunty to do your upper-lip
Aunty, I am paying you money, why are you trying to malign me! Then I also have to hold back my tears, NOOOOO!!!
2. When you go for your monthly waxing session
Am I in a parlor or lost my way to the restaurant?
3. When you go for a haircut
Yes, Aunty!
I have to cut my hair because I have to tackle too many judgemental people like you around me and if I keep growing my hair, all the sweat and anger building up in my head along with the hair will explode.
4. When you go to get the B-wax done
Kiski aunty?
Aunty crushed! In her head she saying “Aaj ki ladkiya”.
5. When you go for waxing
Now you are bound to feel embarrassed as hell but over the years, you have learnt the art of ignorance.
6. When you go for a simple face massage
Oh aunty! You have some serious talent for looting every one of us’s money but no heart.
7. When you go to get your make-up done for wedding
Parlor Aunty: Itne pimples and dark spots the na tumhare, chhupana parta hai na!
Girls share this kind of love-hate relationship with our parlor aunties cause we can’t live with them, can’t survive without them. But be careful, before going to the parlor and make yourself mentally very strong not to feel bad about the aunties manipulation tricks. Be cool and relax.
Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
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