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Films and Cinema has always been stated as the mirror of society, it has always influenced the society in some or the other way.
It has certainly extended its reach and role than just being a source of recreation. The wide array of stories that we see on the celluloid affects us so much that some of the scenes, characters or the whole movie register itself in our memories.
Today, we have tried making quirky illustration of your favourite cult films, check them out:-
1). Pulp Fiction (Directed by: Quentin Tarrantino)
Quentin Tarrantino directed this gripping crime thriller and upon release it garnered immense popularity in the pop culture. Till today, the monologue by Jules (Samuel Jackson) is lauded by each and every one. The film was high on thrill and exhilaration.
2). Godfather Trilogy (Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola)
One of the greatest and most influential film of all time, that certainly paved way for filmmakers to take inspiration and create something really creative (Anurag Kashyap, for instance, was inspired from Godfather to make Gangs of Wasseypur). The film created a world of its own and everyone got immersed in it, such was its power.
3). Shawshank Redemption (Directed by: Frank Darabont)
This one hell of an inspiring movie was initially a FLOP, yes, shocked? Even I was! But eventually people realised its worth and it gained the status of a cult film. Morgan Freeman’s spellbinding performance is still unmatchable.
4). Memento (Directed by: Christopher Nolan)
One of the most mindfuck movies of all time, this will surely make you scratch your head to understand the storyline and the suspense that unravels. Oh, btw, this film was the inception of maestro Christopher Nolan.
5). Wolf of Wall Street (Directed by: Martin Scorcese)
Martin Scorcese aged 70 when he made his life’s most energetic and fun film, Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo Di Caprio gave a performance that was worth every whistle and clap, his portrayal of Jordan Belfort was top notch.
Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
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