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Are you one of those superhero fanatics who is infatuated by the charisma of the mighty humans?
Do you get a sense of exhilaration when the superheroes thrashes the villains?
If yes, then please tell me the name of any five Indian superheroes and frankly, Krrish or Shaktimaan will not be counted. Can you?
Some of you might be able to but most of you are still scratching your head, right?
This is the issue here, Indian comics are always underrated despite being supremely creative, people remember the name of Marvel or Dc's character but when it comes to the Indian market, they are blank and this is sad.
So, today we will tell you about 5 mighty Superheroes from India's Marvel, Raj Comics:-
1). Commando Dhruv
India's answer to Captain America - Commando Dhruv, who after losing his parents in a planned attack goes to train himself in acrobats to avenge the death. Slowly and gradually he becomes a commando whose strength is unmatchable.
2). Nagraj
He was born with snakes in his body rather than body cells as he was cursed by the Snake God. He was thrown into the river for he was presumed dead as his body was all blue but he was found by Professor Nagmani who nurtured him to become a mighty superhero. He is our very own Spiderman.
3). DOGA
He is the darkest character from Raj Comic's Universe, he was raised by ruthless gangster Halkan Singh where he was treated like a dog, he found solace with all the dogs around and thus learned the art of communicating with them. When grown up, Doga escaped Halkan's trap and started training to turn into a beast who would thrash goons like anything.
4). Shakti
Chanda is an innocent girl, who is unaware of the fact that her husband is killing her children in her womb, when she gets to know this, she gets very depressed and approaches Maa Kaali for justice. Maa Kali gives her special powers that turn her into Shakti, she is a superhero that hears the plight of women and works for their welfare. TRUE BLUE FEMINIST.
5). Bhokal
This quirky named Superhero is our desi Thor who has arrived on earth from Parilok to avenge his parents' death. Later, he gets to know that his real parents are in fact humans so he starts a quest to find them while facing a lot of baddies that come his way.
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