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Today, the Indian circuit has been struck by a wave of digital entertainment.
Many web series are getting made that are not only entertaining but thought-provoking as well.
And, these web series have also given some memorable characters who can teach you a thing or two about life, we have compiled the best 5 for you:-
1). Mikesh from Permanent Roommates
Sumeet Vyas's portrayal of a dumb yet adorable character Mikesh Chaudhry was so good that it gained him immense popularity. People loved him for he was a man with the heart of a child, pure innocence. He also has a quirky sense of humor that will crack you up with laughter.
2). Jeetu from Pitchers
Jeetu was loved by one and all especially when he screamed his frustration with this one line, "Abe, 17 ka hai yeh behen ka lauda". Everyone related with Jeetu for we all know a guy who is rattled between corporate chores and dreams, one who is dedicated to family and friends both and one who does not mind doing something extra for his dreams. It was Jeetu's compassion and dedication that made the start-up team hopeful.
3). Chitwan from Tripling
Chitwan made a home in people's heart as this badass DJ was way too hilarious to see, his antics and gestures made us shit our pants laughing. His quirkiness had him win our hearts forever.
4). Dhruv and Kavya from Little Things
The love birds from web series "Little Things" were all sorts of adorbs. Their relationship gave many goals to the couples nationwide. Their fights, romance and jokes, all made us fall for them. The way they cared for each other in every situation was something that struck a chord with the audience, there was no exagerration and that was these characters' USP.
5). Kenneth and Rohan from Die Trying
Have you ever made plans for your future with your best friend and struggled to achieve them? If yes, then you will surely love these characters from Die Trying (created by Kenneth Sebastian himself). Two musician best friends, out on their quest to get their first solo gig and what follows is mad cap ride. Kenneth and Rohan make you laugh, weep and amuse and their dialogues look so real but you cannot do anything but relate to them.
Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
Author : Shivam
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