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India is witnessing a revolution in football. And the man responsible for this change is the skipper of the Indian Football Team, Sunil Chhetri.
A simple but heart fell appeal to the fans of football made a change that AIFF couldn’t in years. A home video from the captain filled the stadium full of passion and love for the home team.
That is quite an evidence of the love he gets. And he is a great guy with charming personality. But today we are not going to discuss it today we will have a look at his football skills and I am going to show you that he defiantly is one of the best if not the best.
So let’s get started.
1. India vs Puerto Rico
In this thrilling match, The opposition team took the lead in the early stage when the scores a goal in the 8th min by Manolo Sanchez in the form of penalty. But when the table turned and India got the free kick , Chhetri took the chance to score.
He took the shot and make a near perfect attempt but missed because of pole deflection. But before the situation got out of hands Narayan Das step up and convert the missed opportunity into a perfect goal.
2. India vs Puerto Rico
In the same match when a similar situation occurred of getting a free kick the Man didn’t miss and makes his mark on the goal sheet. A neat and clean shoot and gives the team a much-deserved lead.
3. India vs Kenya
In the finals of Intercontinental cup the moment occurs after India got a free kick and Anirudh Thapa took the chance, but directly scoring was not in his mind, when he took the position he just looked for the skipper passed the ball to him and with a simple flick Sunil changed the free kick into a legendary goal.
4. India vs New Zealand
20 min has passed and the scoreboard is still zero on both sides suddenly a chance occurred and Sunil runs towards the goal and got a pass but before ball was at his feet the goalkeeper outrun him and kicks the ball, but the ball strike the skipper and return the way the goalkeeper came, and with comfort he earn a goal for his country.
We wish him all the best, may we get more action from him and his team in near future.
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