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If you think of the most memorable thing of a flight, would the flight views from the windows be one of them? Oh yeah! And I am taking the liberty to talk on behalf of everyone.
People who are usually scared of heights will start to think it through with all these scenery in these photos. These views will let you forget all about the stress in your life and just look at the magnificence of nature. Sure, the view is much grander and amazing when you see it live but since you are at home, office or any other place, till then you can feel a little happier by seeing these pictures.
Here are the beautiful flight views around the globe:
1. Switzerland aerial view
Who would have thought that these views actually exist in real life?
2. Greenland from the cockpit by Raphael Berthold
Being a pilot is not an easy job but sure all the views they get to see releases their stress always.
3. Andaman
Oh yes! Now I can finally say, I have seen this view and would never forget the magnificence.
4. Angel Falls, Venezuela
No, I agree I am broke but can’t stop seeing these photos, it’s an addiction.
5. Moscow
Night flight over the city, is that the epicentre of power?
6. Breath-taking
A cup of warm coffee, window seat and an evening ticket in a flight, I would go anywhere actually, just give me the ticket.
7. Citylights
City of stars, are you shining just for me?
City of stars, there's so much that I can't see!
8. Ladakh Range
What less do you expect from a Jammu flight?
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