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Your dad plays a very important part in your life. Where can you even begin with? The memories of Mother’s Day are still lingering in our head and in the haste of everything we forget to thanks our dad for everything. Even if you write big thick books about him it won’t be enough. But still appreciating your father for everything he has done for you is important. He has been the pillar of support all your life. He might be harsh at times but you know he loves you with all his heart. And he can give up everything for you and for your happiness. He is the man who tries to make you laugh with all his bad Whatsapp jokes (hey but atleast he tries). He is the true goofball and the real hero of your life.
This Father’s Day let’s take some time to thank our amazing fathers for everything they do for us.
1. Thank your dad for the best life advice he gave you even when you didn’t ask for it.
2. Thank your dad for telling you the difference between right and wrong.
3. Thank your dad for supporting you in the path of achieving your dreams.
4. Thank your dad for letting you drive his car even when you damaged his car almost everytime.
5. Thank your dad for always being a fixer even when he didn’t understand the real problem.
6. Thank your dad for funding your senseless trips and adventures.
7. Thank your dad for letting you make his house a zoo with all animals you got home from street.
8. Thank your dad for not thinking before becoming a gunda (villain) to protect you from bad boys.
9. Thank your dad for being the soul of every family picture.
10. Thank your dad for standing by you as firm as a rock.
11. Thank your dad for catching you whenever you fall.
12. Thank your dad because you know life won’t be what it is without him.
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