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Every man becomes a different person when it comes to his daughter/s. Dads give all the authorities to their daughter from scolding them, hugging them, getting scared by them because daughters are the most precious thing to their fathers. Also, they have the most amount of phobia about anything and everything that have even micro level of possibility to hurt or harm their daughter.
These illustrations will show the beautiful ways our dads pamper us:
Our father has been so pitch perfect in pampering us, that we tend to find someone like our dad and half of our lives we are disappointed that we cannot even remotely find someone like him.
It takes a lot to them when you finally go up to them and finally confront that you have found a boyfriend.
It really breaks their heart a little that their princess, now has found a prince and dad feels that his part of emotions will get tethered.
No matter what, you will always stay “Daddy’s little princess”
Everytime you visit them after a long time (if you stay away from him), the moment you show up, and their eyes never stop glittering.
They will love and protect their princess for lifetime and they somehow manage to protect us even after their life too.
They will never get tired of listening ‘I love you’ from their daughters. So never forget repeating “Baba, you are the cutest and bestest. I love you.”
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