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Bill Gates once said he would always 'hire a lazy person to do a difficult job' at Microsoft 'because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it'. Laziness has become an epidemic. We use emojis to express ourselves on smartphones, and reject people on dating apps with the swipe of a finger.
Being lazy doesn’t necessarily mean we don't have anything to do, it just means you find an easier way to do it so you don’t have to work as hard.We are called couch potatoes for a reason and these signs hit a panic button in our couch potato status.
1. When the phone hits the below 5 percent battery and you know that all your chargers are beyond your sitting range.
2. When you bladder calls and you are comfortably seated and have no intention of getting up. Sometimes the bladder can be a complete buzzkill.
3. Losing your beloved remote and the panic attack that follows... because you need to get up now and find it among the mess.
4. Trying to decide between sleeping more or eating more. If only we could eat and sleep at the same time.
5. The utter annoyance when someone knocks at your door and you have to get up to get it. Why can't just people drop dead from the face of the earth.
6. The stupid logic by which we ever have to put on any pants to get out of out house. Nothing irritate more than having to change from my comfortable state of being.
ut in-spite of all these real life struggles that we have to endure each moment for every day of our existence; we stay awesome and nothing can stop us from partying.
Who knew being lazy could be so much of work and yet so much of fun, right?
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