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As we know Race 3 is going to release in a theatre this Friday and honestly, I am happy, not because I am excited about the film, but because of the memes it gave us.
From “our business is our business” to the awful “selfish” song. It was also named as “gariboke fast and furious”. And that I agree, They rip off the theme and dialogues but not the action, because it takes hard work to do action. At least they could have got the cool cars from the franchise, but no.
Well while we are talking about the cars, I have something for you all. I was looking for movies which have iconic cars. And here is a list of movies where the car is an important part of the movie, as important as the protagonist.
So, let’s see the list.
1. Yellow Camaro (aka Bumblebee): The transformer Series
One thing Michel Bay can surely deliver is action. And the first transformer movie was something to enjoy. The transformer franchise has not been consistent when it comes to storytelling but the one thing that glued the fans was a Yellow and Black Camaro Known as bumblebee.
One moment it will be a piece of junk that can hardly move the other it will fucking blow your mind with crazy action.
And if the original name of the car get overshadows by its character name, that’s a big deal.
2. Lotus Esprit: The Spy Who Loved Me
If there is a list of awesome car, Possibilities are James Bond’s ride will be there. But 007 has many beasts so how come this qualifies to be on this list because it’s not only a car it’s also a fucking “Submarine”. Yes, James Bond can drive it straight into the ocean without getting a scratch on his body.And that will always be an awesome thing.Imaging going for a ride on a rainy day and with great weather, only difference is with that car you can go into the ocean and drive with the fishes.
3. Mini Coopers: The Italian Job
This movie is a heist movie and usually, with these types of movies, the plot requires heavy and fast cars. But the fact that this movie uses the Mini Coopers is clever and fun.
The fact that these cars are small and have great control makes them a perfect addition to this film.
And the scene including these cars is so much fun and creative that they are bound to be mentioned in this list.
4. Toyota MR2: Tarzan-The Wonder Car
I know that this movie is a piece of shit at best, But when I was a child I sort of liked it.
Now I can’t stand this movie but you must agree that the car in this film was so cool, I have never seen anything like that at the time.
DC modified the car based on the model of Toyota MR2 1991 model.
5. Ford Mustang ’69: John Wick Franchise
The man, The Myth, The legend “John Wick”. You don’t mess with his dog and especially with his car. But unfortunately for the Russian mob, they did exactly the same and the consequence was over 80 people died with at least 60 of them with a headshot.
And if a car can make someone go to this extent it deserves a top spot on our list. The car is not just beautiful but it is fast, strong and the most important thing is it belongs to the Bogyman himself.
So if you saw a ’69 ford mustang on the road with a dog in it the wise thing would be to leave that car alone.
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