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Well dating is not an easy task, especially when you have been single for so long. Firstly it is nearly impossible to find a good person now days and if somehow you manage scoring a date it goes down the lane so fast that it breaks your heart into a zillion small pieces. And then it’s about putting a whole night of effort into cursing the whole idea of dating.
But also if you have spent a vast majority of your life being single it just becomes very difficult to find one person who you would like to spend your time and energy on. Listen to me it’s not your fault and you are not alone in this. To soothe your heart here are some struggles that comes along with being single for a long time and then trying to date.
After all these years you find it really stupid to invest your time on anyone else but you.
You have been away from human connection for so long that the idea of online dating is nothing but utter nonsense for you. Well, maybe it is nonsense.
You have forgotten everything about flirting and it just makes you nervous now.
You like being away from dealing with the emotional and mental burden of other human.
You don't want anyone to enter your personal space.
You think now after all these years there is no place for you in the dating pool.
It's hard to make connections.
Scared of rejections now and so don't want to try dating.
You are tired of seeing people disappear. You don't want to sit and wait for anyone.
You have been single for a long time now and so you have no idea about how to read signals. And sometime that makes you feel like a fool.
You think you won't find anyone and maybe that is why you are scared of trying as well.
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