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Oh well, Sonu Nigam, is that you?
Azaan is Subah- N-Allah, you see what I did there, eh!
Food for thought!
Technically, it will not be wrong to say it E-Bae!
Crack : Lanka Dahan and Diwali celebration,eh?
My lungs have not recovered from last year's smoke, I might get cancer and then have to start cooking meth, *Breaking Bad fans alert*
Puff those muscles with GYM-KHANA
Well, Arnold would not have been Arnold, had he not trained in GYM and had GYM-KHANA in adequate amount, so you see the importance, right?
Pun Level : GOD
Breaking News:
NASA found some rare movement on MANGAL-SUTRA.
Nothing related with Bruce Lee, though!
One Night, Chun Lee SUDDENLY came to Kim Lee's apartment, they f LEEd to a passionate world and after 9 months SUDDEN LEE came in the world.
Logo, what should be our National LOGO?
This was told to me by a RSS worker. Jab Nationalism met Puns, you see!
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