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Women are the most beautiful and strong creation of god. What is there a woman can’t do? They are the rulers. Women have been mastering every domain of life and with that fighting the battle of their rights. India as a country is growing fast and achieving heights of success but one thing that is never going to change is our view towards the women of our country. We have always tried to control them, suppress them, tried to tell them that their place, but still our history have given us some women who never cared about these restrictions and went forward to achieve what they always wanted to.
Nothing could suppress them, nothing could stop them, and nothing could tell them that they are not meant to do what they want to do. You know why? Because they never cared about the sill rules of the society. They never stopped and cared about the barriers that our society made for them. These Indian women were badass and simply unapologetic about the way they were. Well, I think calling them badass would be an understatement. They gave us goals. They told us that there is nothing in this world that a woman can’t possibly achieve.
Here are some women that left the awestruck and didn’t give a fuck about playing by the women rule book made by the society.
The Iron Lady of India – Iron SharmilaThe Iron lady of India who is a civil right activist, political activist and a poet from Manipur. She refused food and water for more than 500 weeks to protest against the AFSP act which gives even paramilitary forces special powers. This was declared as the world’s longest hunger strike.
The First Woman Jawaan of Indian Army – Shanti TiggaThis jawaan of Indian army was a mother of two when she joined army. Defeated all her male counterparts in the physical tests. She was faster than a cheetah, completed 50m run in 12 seconds. She was awarded with a title of best trainee.
First Woman Pilot – SarlaThakralSarla was the first Indian woman to fly an aircraft. Got the pilot license in the year 1936 when she was 21 years old.
The Alpha Female - Indira GandhiIndira Gandhi was identified by her power and the position she achieved and not by her gender. She was the one man government who was fiercely strong.
Founder of Gulabi Gang - Sampat Pal DeviSampat Pal Devi is the founder Gulabi Gang, the gang which works on saving and empowering women. Sampat was married to an ice cream seller at the age of 12 and had 5 children by the time she was 20. She saw women being treated as garbage in her village which made her start the Gulabi Gang. A gang which consists of women dressed up in pink sarees and carrying bamboo sticks. She taught women to fight back and push the bad things back.
Boxing Champion - Mary komA world renowned boxer, a mother and a coach. A woman who went through a lot but never forgot where she want to be and what she want to be.
The Bandit Queen – Phoolan DeviThe woman who bought a change into the male dominated world of bandits and thieves. She stood for the eleventh Lok Sabha elections for samajwadi party in 1996 from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh and served as an MP after winning the elections.
The Fighter - NeerjaBhanotNeerja a flight attendant and a brave woman who didn’t hide her face or bent her knees in any situation. Not even when the flight she was on was hijacked. She alone helped all the passengers, saved many lives and died heroically while saving three children.
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