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Every director (no, I don't mean Remo d Souza) has his/her signature style that they tend to imply in every film they make.
This is what makes them distinctive from others in the league.
For example – You won’t expect flowers and snow in a Anurag Kashyap movie and in the same way you won’t expect Karan Johar’s characters getting too foul mouthed that you start searching for ear buds.
Here, we have taken into account some features or things that are a statement of a particular director and incorporated them in a bar graphs.
Wear your boardroom dress and start analysing the graphs:-
Anurag Kashyap, the maverick filmmaker who has given us gems like GOW, Gulal, Dev D etc. always incorporates violence, foul language and edgy humour in his films but hey, we aren't complaining until and unless you keep giving us kickass movies.
Imtiaz Ali, the filmmaker who loves poetry and sufism so much that he always incorporates them in his films, he also loves going places and if you are short on budget to travel, just grab some popcorn and binge watch Imtiaz Ali's movies; you will get your eyes a travel feast!
Anand L Rai, the filmmaker who just loves colours, you can look any frame of his any film, they are all very colourful and vibrant and so are the characters in his films.
Karan Johar, the movie mafia who owns a big name in the industry stands according to his name only and makes movies that are lavish with good-looking faces and extravagant sets. Also, not to forget the Alps.
Rajkumar Hirani, the batman of Indian cinema who gets out of the cave when Indian cinema faces the wrath of bad films. He comes, delivers masterpieces with lovable characters and goes into the oblivion for years.
Rohit Shetty, the ambassador of *Boom....Boom....Boom*, you got that, right?
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