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You are not strong enough. You are not tough. You are simply not good enough. You are not meant to do this. Log kyakehege. Ladkia ye sab nahikarti. Aisa mat karo, waisa mat karo, yaha mat jao, waha mat jao. This is what women grow up listening to. This what goes on with them all their life. Recently I was talking about how woman can achieve anything and do anything even though the path is tough, even though there are millions of people who will do whatever it takes to pull them down. But when you sit and think about it. But when I as a woman, sit and actually give this thing a thought, there is always one question that keeps on crossing my mind. And the question is why does it need to be tough for us? Why do we have to prove everyone everything? Why are these people pushing us back? What is wrong in achieving our dream?
How is it harming the society? Why can’t society appreciate what we do for our country? And though I always push these thoughts at the back of my head, they came back again to me. They starting knocking the door of my brain after I heard that 2018’s Forbes list of 100 highest paid athletes had no woman. Isn’t it a shame?
Isn’t it a shame that how we as a country keep singing songs of how progressive we are but what happened to treating all the people equally irrespective of their caste, colour, race or gender. Shouldn’t we be ashamed of this news?
Not even one woman is being paid as much as 100 male athletes. Why have still not accepted woman playing sports? I think woman has the right to earn just as equal as any male athlete. And I think it’s time to change this.
Change starts at home and we can start easy and simple by encouraging woman to participate in sports more, by treating a sports woman just as we treat a sportsman, by giving them equal pays and by appreciating the fact that they put in just the same amount of hard work, heart and soul as any other sportsman.
It’s time to show the world that women deserve everything including being paid fairly and being appreciated and recognized for the work they do and that they are no less than any man.
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