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We all get into situations that turn out to be annoying. We meet people that eat the hell out of our brains and annoy us to the core. In situations like these we wish to have a perfect comeback that would shut them up but usually that’s not what happens and only anger comes out of our mouth. We all wish to insult someone by saying something witty. Which is why it is great to see characters like Sherlock Holmes and the way he shuts up people with his wit.
So here are some witty quotes from Sherlock Holmes. Don’t hesitate using them next time when you are surrounded by annoying people.
Use it on someone who never use their brain
For the person you want to punch everytime they open their mouth
For the one who shouldn't be thinking at all
Use it one someone who is bad at relationships
For the one who brags a lot but really is nothing
For that one person you want to destroy with words
When you are done with stupidity
Use it on people with little brain
When you need some peace and silence
When you get stuck with an idiot
When you meet a person with lower IQ
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