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Rahul Gandhi, one of the key members of the political party, Congress is also one of the most trolled person in India but there are many facets of his life which people are unaware about. He was born on 19th June 1970, in one of the most known lineages of the country, the Gandhi family. He is the son of Rajeev Gandhi, the youngest Prime Minister of India, great-grandson of India’s first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and grandson of India’s first woman Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi.
The expectations on his shoulder are too huge to even compare with anything else and perhaps, that is the reason he is the most trolled person in India. Now, you know all about naming and shaming the politician him as ‘Pappu’, now it’s time to know a little more than that.
Here are the interesting facts about Rahul Gandhi:
#1: Indira Gandhi’s death
Once, Rahul gave a statement in an interview saying “My friends with whom I played killed my Grandmother”. He was merely 14 when his grandmother, Indira Gandhi was assassinated and that was done by her own loyal bodyguards. Her death left a very negative impact on Rahul’s life.
#2: He was arrested once
In May 2011, the junior Gandhi was arrested at Bhatta Parsaul village. He was arrested by the UP police on his way to meet the irritated farmers while the farmers were demanding higher amount from the landowners, who were trying to acquire the land for a highway project. He wasn’t any kind of aggressive back then as you see him today and that landed him to jail.
#3: Outspoken nature
We all know, how outspoken he is and he never shies away from speaking his mind and this nature of him gets him into trouble time and again. Once he commented on the issue of Mumbai blast that it is next to impossible to stop every terrorist attack that happens in the country but it needs to be dealt at the very basic level that would only help on the matter. This comment did not go well with the people of the country and he was criticised highly.
#4: Family
Rahul Gandhi is the fifth generation politician from the esteemed Nehru – Gandhi lineage. Priyanka Gandhi, his younger sister and his mother, Sonia Gandhi has been campaigning very hard for holding any official rank in the Indian National Congress Party.
#5: Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi – The sibling bond
Rahul is 2 years elder to Priyanka Gandhi, they are extremely and more like friends than siblings. Priyanka was one furious with the media when critics were completely losing all moral grounds shaming Rahul. She was not only agitated but even threatened to file a case against the media.
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