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Extremes can be of two kinds, right! Here are the two extreme kinds of girls which is Nerds and fashionistas. Nerds are the people who are boringly studious and fashionista are devoted followers of fashion. So what happens when a nerd and a fashionista becomes friends, what would their conversation look like, have you wondered?
Well, this is not a very rare combination but still everytime you come across such friendship, you find their bonding quite other worldly.
Here is how a nerd and fashionista talks to each other:
This is what happens when you make a friend who is totally opposite of your interest and also have an entirely different way of seeing life. The good thing is that they are still friends.
If you have such contrasting personalities as friends, then you might relate to this completely where you have to explain even the micro bit of your sentences.
Does that remind you of the character of Leonard, Sheldon and Penny from The Big Bang Theory? Though she is not a fashionista but if that can bother the nerds so much, what an actual fashionista might make them feel!
Now this is exactly how Amy, again from The Big Bang Theory had tried on to become a fashionista and Penny reacted like that. See, fashionistas and nerds can be friends but there will be cute little puns you will find here and there.
The LOL moment is here and I am pretty sure that the fashion queen now has no explanation to give!
Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
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