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Sanju is one of the most awaited of this year and since the release of the trailer they hysteria around the movie has lost all boundaries. The way Ranbir Kapoor has been portrayed in the snippets of the trailer looks damn close to Sanjay Dutt himself. Even many close ones to the film including Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan mistaken his footage to be Sanjay Dutts’.
Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the producer of the film and an ace filmmaker in the industry recently spoke to Telegraph about the movie and he stated he was not at all convinced with the idea of making a biopic on Sanjay Dutt. He was having apprehensions where he thought director Rajkumar Hirani and now trying to make a propaganda movie about the actor.
Sanju producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra says he thought director Rajkumar Hirani had lost his mind when he announced his intention of making a biopic on Sanjay Dutt. During the conversation he said “When he told me, I was like, ‘What’s there in Sanjay Dutt’s life that merits being made into a film?! It’s better you make a film on my life… how I left Kashmir as a young boy and struggled when I came to Bombay.’ (Laughs) I thought Raju and Abhijat (Joshi, Sanju’s co-writer) had lost their minds!”
After Chopra heard all about Sanju’s life and all the berserk episodes of his life, he completely went haywire about it and went onboard. Next was another challenge for the Rajkumar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra was also not convinced about the choice of actor for the film at the beginning.
He then shared the time when Hirani told him about Ranbir as the lead, “When he told me about Ranbir, I wasn’t happy at all. I thought someone else, like Ranveer Singh, could play this role much better. I thought Ranveer had the flamboyance, the emotional depth as well as the ability to change himself completely to play Sanjay Dutt. But Raju was adamant that Ranbir would be perfect. And when we started shooting and Ranbir became Sanjay Dutt, I had to kind of eat my words.”
Now, the producer, director and everyone is supremely happy with all the choices because it fits like a puzzle and audience feels the same way too already.
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