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Feminism is a very misunderstood and misused word. If you are confused by the word ‘Feminism’, just use ‘Equality’, it’s the same thing. The word was created to try and make an effort to solve a problem but feminazis came on board and made the issue even worse than what it was.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, one of the most influencing writers currently, describes it perfectly, “Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”
So, why did the English dictionary choose the word ‘Feminism’ and not equality?
The oppression against women is going on for a long long time now, it seems from the very inception of the world, the discrimination slowly and steadily started happening.
Equality is already a word which has its roots long back in history but that is not being practiced everywhere and it is more like a generic term. When it comes to gender discrimination, one needs to find more specific term to address the issue exclusively. Therefore, instead of ‘Equality, the word ‘Feminism’ is used just to show some gratitude towards all the women who have been oppressed by the man for years.
So, here are some basics to simplify the difference between Feminism and Feminazi:
1. People who fight against sexism is a feminist, whereas, a person who just loves to bash and hate men is a feminazi.
2. Feminazi doesn’t like men, no matter how well behaved and sensitive he is towards humanity.
3. Feminism is not about bashing men, infact feminism also fights for a man who is discriminated for being of that gender but Feminazi just likes to pick man and bashing them.
4. Actual feminists are concerned about these issues: Female infanticide, female genital mutilation and preventing children education against their own will. Feminazi, on the other hand, are probably not even aware of these issues on a severe level.
5. Feminists are the open-minded and educated people, feminazi is just trying to oppress men.
6. Men and women both can be feminists and actually, anyone and everyone should be a feminist but feminazis are only women. Very rarely do we see a man who is a feminazi, in that case, they mostly go for a sex change.
So, beginning from today take a pledge that “We all should be feminists”. If you find that word redundant, just use ‘Equality’.
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