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Of late, Priyanka Chopra has been trying out different style and setting out major fashion goals for everyone. What can’t Priyanka possibly do? She is a singer, actor, producer and a fashion icon for millions of her fan. Priyanka is everywhere these days; she is gracing the cover of big magazines everywhere from Canada to India to Vietnam, she is seen attending royal weddings, big interviews, promotions and no matter where is goes she looks like a million dollar everytime.
Priyanka takes what she wears very seriously and that is why she is the perfect person to get inspired from. Here are some pictures of Priyanka Chopra looking like a style bomb which will make you want to steal all her looks.
She has been slaying all the looks this year.
And even setting new style goals for us.
Looking like a red hot beauty on the cover of Bazaar magazine.
Look how she rocked this distressed skirt and jeans outfit.
This outfit made everyone drool.
Looking like a goddamn queen in this pictures from a photoshoot with Bazaar.
When she got a haircut and looked gorgeous in it.
Channeling major 70s vibe through this outfit.
Rocking a shirt dress with thigh high boots.
She took the pyjama suit look to next level.
Matching a bra with pyjama suit and looking like a rockstar.
When she proved that she is the goddamn Queen of style by taking it to unmatched levels.
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