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Selfies, well! It has literally taken over the world and celebrating this day is simply to keep having fun. The wave is so overwhelming that unless you are living under a rock, there is no way you don’t know about this phenomenon. Even grandmas are taking selfies, can you imagine!
If you ask why the name selfie, taking the concept into consideration there is a valid reasoning behind it. When you say ‘Photography’, it generally means that someone else is taking your photograph and ‘Selfie’ means you are taking a photograph of yourself. So, this means now you don’t have to ask random tourists to take your photo, you can do that by yourself. So, keeping along with the trend and the day of celebration, let’s check out World’s most popular selfies:
During Oscars 2014, the much loved and adored host, Ellen DeGeneres gathered the most famous names of the Hollywood industry and took a selfie. The photograph had Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and more. When the host of the show tweeted the photograph, it was retweeted more than 2.5 million times!
Greatest photobomber ever! The girl in the frame went to a Beyonce concert and was taking a customary picture and guess who photobombed? Yes, the queen herself presented herself in the picture and the girl got the most unexpected surprise of her life maybe.
Astronaut Aki Hoshide followed the trend too but not on earth but on space too. Next, Buzzfeed reporter, Andrew Kaczynski tweeted the photo captioning, "There are selfies, and then, well there are selfies" and all hell broke loose.
No matter which city, country or place you live in, you must have come across this picture. This picture of a black macaque monkey got so popular everywhere that even newspapers printed this. This selfie was found by and from a wildlife photographer’s camera where the monkey managed to take a few selfies before the device was taken. This photo is an epic considering the toothy grin and frame of the photograph.
This selfie was posted by the famous science guys by the name of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye who snapped a selfie with President Obama.
Have fun and keep selfieing….
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