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28-year-old Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has loved Disney since childhood. He has been taking time to imagine the famous Disney characters as real-life people and looking at his work, it is safe to say that this guy is a gem of an artist.
He said in an interview, "Back in 2011 I just randomly thought I'd challenge myself and have a little fun in Photoshop, and explore what the character of Ursula from the Little Mermaid could look like in real life."
Watch his impeccable work here:-
1). Moanna
Moana, the strong-willed daughter of a chief of a Polynesian village, takes it on her to save her people from tragedy. The character is as lovable as it sounds.
This is how Moanna looks in the world of Jirka:-
2). Princess Jasmine
The eternal beauty and love of Aladdin looked ethereal in the live animation series. And surprisingly, she looks even more beautiful when imagined in real life.
Jasmine in real life would be like :-
3). Flynn Rider
Flynn made the girls go weak in hearts when he appeared in Tangled, his brooding looks certainly created the "Guy Goals".
This is how he'd look if he ever gets real:-
4). Cruella De Vil
The evil woman who gave our adorable dalmatians a hard time is someone we'd certainly not want to get real. *dog lover alert*
But if the things go downhill and she gets real, this is how she'd look:-
5). Belle
The girl who made us realize the actual definition of Love in Beauty and The Beast is certainly someone to look for.
She will look really beautiful if the character ever gets real:-
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