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Recently Kim Kardashian said that Kanye West told her to stop wearing large sunglasses? Looks like he knew large sunglasses are going to be out of trend pretty soon or fashion god heard what he said. Because skinny sunglasses are the demand of the day.
You will see every cool person who follows the trend wearing them. From Bella Hadid to Rihanna to Priyanka Chopra everyone is hooked up to this trend. These tiny frames are everywhere, from famous celebrities to bug fashion brands. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Mango and ASOS are even hooked up to them.
These Matrix sunglasses are very tiny and cover just a small part of your face. They are not worn like the normal large sunglasses and the cool squad who are already in love with them choose to wear them differently. Matrix glasses needs to rest right on the bridge of your nose. It is important that you place them correctly to look good in them.
They come in different shapes as well and you can choose one according to your face shape.
Cat-Eye Frame
People with narrow and angular face shapes should choose the cat-eye frame. It will make your face look wide.
Rectangle Eye Frames
The best choice for people with round and oval face shapes. Rectangle eye frames give a futuristic look.
Circular/Oval Eye Frames
If you have a heart or a square face shape then you must choose this one. Also I think these are the classiest ones.
These pictures are a proof that Matrix sunglasses are the new trend of this season and you should buy one ASAP.
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