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It was 7 A.M in the morning when my eyes left the castle of sleep to relish the morning beam, I got up, with all that zeal in my heart that today’s gonna be a good day. I reached my phone, opened my whatsapp and there you go, my day was RUINED!
How, you ask?
This girl sent me a random message wishing me “Happy Selfie Day”, yes, today is SELFIE DAY.
When Race 3 released, I was adamant that things cannot go much worse from here but it’s not even been a week and here we are.
So, I got my imaginative horses running and thought how famous Bollywood dialogues would look like if said from the perspective of “SELFIE”. Hope this helps you get through this damn annoying day :-
1). Aman confessing his love for Selfies.
Aman had quite an obsession for selfies and guess what happened to him?
He DIED, so stop obsessing with selfies. Period.
2). That’s Rancho giving a million dollar Gyan
As it is taught in the University of Selfie'ology that Pouts create Shouts and Rancho has learned the art of pouting from there only.
3). Chulbul Panday filtering the selfies like a pro.
Fairness Cream, who?
Beauty filters are at the rescue.
Btw, this is way too racist, you should be happy in your skin colour so the obsession with selfies is making you a racist in some or the other way. Leave that obsession NOW!
4). Amrendra Bahubali’s impeccable love for selfies and hatred for photo bombers
And, you thought Bhallal Dev was killed for hefty reasons. he was killed for a petty reason of photo bombing Amrendra's selfie. never mess with a Selfie'oholic.
Hence Proved!
5). The never ending debate of Candids V/s Selfies gets a new comment from Mahavir Phogat
Given my hatred for this Selfie era, it is uncertain that I will praise it anytime soon but here I go!
Selfies are still better than fake candids.
6). Kabir Khan was truly motivational.
This monologue can even motivate me to go and take a selfie.
Honorary mention : Selfie Stick
Whenever a groupfie is going to take place, our selfie stick is curious about this one question.
Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
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