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Our home girl Priyanka Chopra is shining everywhere and making us proud in every way possible. Well yes she looked dazzler at the summit as she always do but the other important thing is that she was a keynote speaker there with other bawse lady Indira Noyi, the chairman and CEO of Pepsi.
They talked about important things like sexism and racism. While talking about the similarities between her and Noyi, Priyanka said, “We come from small towns and we had big dreams.” Priyanka also talked how supportive her parents were during every step of her career and they made her what she is now, "My dad always told me, 'You don’t want to fit into a glass slipper that someone else made for you. Go shatter that glass ceiling'."
Priyanka also talked about her journey while she was at school in US and how racism affected her life at that time, "I was put in a box. I could never be the exotic, beautiful girl, I could only be the engineer or whatever - the stereotype was in people's head. That was something I wanted to break… I’m fearless in the face of adversity when it comes to my work… ambition has no colour.”
"I'm not afraid to walk into a room and introduce myself. You may not know me. I can tell you I'm an actor, an artiste, but I'm also someone who's not defined by my ethnicity or where I come from," the badass queen added making us both proud and envious of her strength.
PC also talked about feminism, “I’m a big champion of women who take their destinies in their own hands… it is alright to be a fierce female achiever and yet be okay with being vulnerable. Our femininity is our greatest strength.”
She also talked about courage and bad decisions, "You make mistakes ... you might make wrong decisions ... but courage of conviction is the only integrity you need to have."
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