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Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton is one of the greatest movies in the Sci-fi genre. Steven Spielberg started making the first installment of Jurassic Park in 1993 and it was quite hard because Hollywood was not as big as it is right now. The premise of the movie was extremely difficult and the movie started out with an idea that what would be the world like if we could bring back dinosaurs in the current world?
Here are some of the most interesting and shocking facts about Jurassic Park:
1. Most iconic T-Rex scene
When the T-Rex escape and attack on stranded visitors for taking shelter in vehicles and the predator emerges in the movie’s climax scene, this scene was shot in the daytime. Yes, the darkest and a night scene of the film were filmed in a daytime during the guided tour scene in Hawaii.
2. The noise of velociraptors communicating with each other is actually the sound of tortoises having sex.
The sound designer of the movie is one hell of a talented man, Gary Rydstrom, he spoke to the Vulture in 2013 and said: "If people knew where the sounds in 'Jurassic Park' came from, it'd be rated R!" Also, to give you some more information, many more animal voices were used in the movie to depict different types of dinosaur like horses and dolphin too.
3. Jaws cameo in Jurassic Park
Smartness of Mr. Spielberg must be applauded where he managed to sneak in footage of Jaws in Jurassic Park. In the scene where Nedry is using several computer screens and Ray Arnold is calling him out for being lazy, in one of those computer screens, you can get a snap of a sneaky little video of Jaws but out of direct focus.
4. Everyone loved the triceratops.
Dern once said that “I must say, the triceratops particularly I really fell in love with. I think she's just beautiful…..and when it's a creature that's making sounds and breathing and sighing and tearing and, you know, it becomes so real.”
5. Spielberg made it a point that the dinosaurs look like animals and not monsters.
Winston said that “Steven had very specific requests. Number one: it was very important to Steven that these dinosaurs were legitimate. That they were animals. That we were not creating monsters” and added, “We're not doing fantasy characters. We're recreating animal life.”
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