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Human beings are complicated and so is love. We have learnt about love and relationships from movie and they sometimes either over simplify things or make them more complicated. Movies often show that love and relationship are associated with control and obsessive jealousy but that’s not how it works in real life.
Though many people have totally normalised these toxic relationship habits but it is important to let go these habits. Atleast if you want a normal and happy relationship you should stop repeating these things.
Constantly keeping a tab about your partner’s whereabouts.
Checking on him/her when he/she is away is okay but constantly knowing where they are, what they are doing and who they are with is a little too much. You should give your relationship a little space to breathe.
Not addressing issues.
If you have some big issue you should address it rather than being quiet and ignoring your partner. If you don’t tell them, they won’t ever know. And it will keep on affecting your relationship.
Telling your partner that you can’t be with them after every small argument.
If you think you really can’t be with him/her then ofcourse you should tell them but if you are not thinking of leaving them but still after every argument if you tell them that you can’t be with a person like him/her then it can be frustrating for your partner.
Controlling their every movement.
If you are someone who decides who your partner will talk to and hang out with then you are really doing a toxic thing for your relationship and it will slowly kill your relationship. You are not allowed to intervene in their life and tell them who to be friends with.
Comparing them with others.
Do you remember how our parents used to compare us with some random Sharma ji ka ladka and it would really make us feel sad and pissed at the same time? That’s how comparison makes your partner feel. It just makes them feel that they are not good enough for you. And if you love someone you surely don’t want to make them feel like that.
Being obsessively jealous.
Okay jealousy is fine but being obsessively jealous about your partner is not a good thing. Why are you so jealous? You think they might choose someone else over you. Well, if they love you they won’t and if they do that means they never loved you. You should always keep the person you love free, if they go they were never yours and if they come back to you that means they are yours.
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