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Summers in India, a word to be literally scared of! No matter if you are born in India and have lived your entire lifetime here, summers will always find a way to make it worse. Summer is that season when you feel exhausted the whole time, when you are always tired, no matter how long you sleep, what nutrition sheet you follow, sun will sure find a way to suck all your energy.
Struggles you have to go through in during the dangerous season called SUMMER:
1. When you have to start your long journey to the office on public transport
It takes a half an hour conversation between me and me to convince that there are no way you can avoid the sun and the smell of all the sweat. My negative side of the brain becomes damn stubborn at mornings and my positive side of the brain have to struggle extremely hard to overpower.
2. After you reach your office and the AC is not working
All the time while travelling you keep on day-dreaming that the time you reach the office, the snow will start to fall and you will get chilled water and calm down instantly. Does that happen always? NO.
3. The Sun
The sun in summers is in full form and his energy kills us. Sun, honestly, we don’t want you to be that happy, its very unfair to the rain. Give some chance to rain.
Sun, why don’t you take some rest and give us rest too?
4. Power cut during summer
Why? How? Just how could you do this? Govt., electricity board, system, who the F*%$ing hell is in charge of power? I need an answer, I deserve and answer! How can you be so irresponsible that so much of power-cut that the inverter has stopped working!!!
5. Zombies roaming around
Just like how you have seen zombies roaming around for human flesh. Similarly, in summers, every human is roaming around extremely dehydrated with the scorching sun trying to kill us and we are crawling and the dying wish is to get some cold water, cold drink, ice, snow, anything, just give us anything chilled like death.
6. When someone asks you to go out in daytime
How do you even dare to ask me such questions? If you have a skin of a Rhino, go out and chill but do not try to burn my human skin.
7. When you get all dressed up to go for a brunch
First of all, you should always plan everything after evening in summers. Even if its evening time, you will still feel hot regardless minus the scorching sun, but the sun leaves enough of heat to keep you irritated even in evenings and wash away your makeup and peace of your mind.
So, happy summer all my zombies out there. Have fun!
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