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Our favourite TV shows hold a special place in our hearts. We love them for they helped us immerse in a creative world and get lost for a while, leaving the real-life chaos behind.
The characters or scenes or quotes made us laugh, cry, amused and what not. And if they have given us so much, we are bound to pay some sort of homage, right?
So, we have tried to do the same by creating illustrative minimalistic posters of some of our favourite shows, so take these designs and paint your surroundings with the shows that carved a place in your heart:-
1). Breaking Bad
The badass show that made us go on a roller coaster meth’ilicious ride with Jesse Pinkman and the maestro Walter White is certainly everyone’s favourite. The edgy comedy used in this series made the audience root for the show. Too bad, it ended!
2). Narcos
The show that gave us an insight of the notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar certainly pumped the thrill factor and was a major hit among masses. The dreaded character of Escobar was played so brilliantly by Wagner Moura that he made the audience fall in love with him.
3). F.R.I.E.N.D.S
The evergreen show that ran for as long as 10 years hold a special place in pop culture and is loved by one and all. The characters of the show are still etched in our fondest memories.
4). House of Cards
The show that helped us understood the ifs and buts of a political system and presented the premise with a hint of thrill and it engaged the audience throughout.
5). Game of Thrones
Probably, the most successful series that provided pop-culture with a boost. The audience absolutely loved the gruesome drama about royal families going to extreme limits for the throne.
Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
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