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Have you realised that only fair beautiful woman is seen as the faces of magazines, TV commercials and everything that is being made for a bigger audience? When was the time you saw a woman like you, who is not fair, who don’t have long thick beautiful hair or someone who is not tall and thin on a magazine cover?
The fashion industry is growing with time and is taking many progressive steps ahead. Plus – sized models and dark skin models are being seen in magazines but the stereotype still exists and it is very harmful. The fashion industry still judges people based on their colour and size and it needs to end.
This can change and now we think it will change soon especially with the initiative of good designers like Ayush Kejriwal. Ayush Kejriwal has found out a good way of bringing these beautiful women to light by using different models for his brands.
Ayush Kejriwal has been in the spotlight for the past year for his unique take on Indian Fashion. Ayush mostly sticks to traditional Indian sarees. He showcases traditional silk to raw sarees from some of India’s best and beautiful designs sourced by local artisans.
Ayush uses different faces to showcase these designs. He chooses to use Indian model that are away from the usual stereotypes. When you see these women in these beautiful designs it’s almost like your mother, sister or yourself in them. It makes you feel some kind of connection.
Ayush’s first interaction with clothes was when he was around 3 or 4 years old. He used to choose clothes for his mother, match her sarees with blouses as she was blind. But at that time he never thought to get into the profession at that time. Even after he got into the field of marketing, his love for clothes didn’t die and kept playing with them until a friend pointed out that he should take it seriously.
After selling his first saree to a German woman it struck to him that he could use his hobby to do more important things. That’s when he started showing widows wearing colourful sarees making a statement and challenging the stereotypical society. He also showcased Muslim women wearing saree to show that saree had no religion.
A lot of people didn’t love his progressive thoughts and tried to bring him down but he always knew how to deal with his haters. Ayush has now become a big name in the fashion world. And we hope that the fashion industry starts changing and becomes more accepting because of his good work.
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