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People who don’t like super dramatic movies like Bollywood put in our plate goes through a hard time while finding a movie that matches their taste. But don’t lose hope; light-hearted and quirky movies with believable romance do exist. If you have no plans for this weekend then you should spend your time watching these movies which focus on characters and emotions rather than adding on unnecessary twists and turns. So if you are finding some good movies to watch this weekend here is a list for you.
About Time
This list won’t be complete without mentioning this movie. A heart-warming movie with the perfect on-screen couples taking you to a journey of quirky time travel romance.
Set It Up
If you want a weekend full of laughs then this movie will take you on a roller coaster ride and you will laugh, cry and fall in love all at the same time. This newest release on Netflix is a story about two over worked employees who try to set up their bosses to get some free time. For rest, go watch the movie.
What If
The story of a normal everyday couple starring Daniel Radcliffe and the adorable Zoe Kazan. Yes, Daniel Radcliffe, did you think he could only play with horses and a fly on the magic broomstick? If you thought exactly that then this rom-com will prove you wrong.
Call Me By Your Name
If you love romance then this movie is a must watch. And if you are looking for queer romance then this is the spot where you stop and watch. Arnie Hammer's Oliver and Timothy Chalamet's Elio will surely take your heart away and they will become your favourite onscreen couple.
Love per Square Foot
The plot of this movie is quite fresh and it is a fun watch. Also, watch it if you want to see a good Bollywood film with good chemistry or else watch it for Vicky Kaushal as I did.
Kuch Bheege Alfaaz
Zain Khan Durrani, playing Alfaaz will take your heart away. Right from the moment, he starts reading poetry with his smile, everything is lovable. Also, his voice will melt your heart away.
Love, Simon
A teenage romance movie but with a good twist. The lead character which is Simon falls in love with an anonymous object online. But he still doesn’t know that he is gay. The movie is not released yet in India but hopefully, you will find it somewhere online.
Begin Again
How to get over the guy who broke your heart? If this is the question you are looking an answer for then this movie can help you out in a very beautiful way. Also if you love good music then this will be a treat to your ears.
Before We Go
Two strangers meet, help each other out and fall in love. Both of them are trying to make sense of what love means and in the journey of finding themselves and love, they fall in love. It is must watch guys.
The Big Sick
The real-life story of Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily will give you butterfly in the stomach. And who won’t love to watch a good real love story?
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