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Lately, the Indian stand-up comedy circuit has risen rapidly and we have got some really hilarious people who possess the skill set of making us roll on the floor laughing.
Today, we are going to get an insight of famous comedian Kenny Sebastian’s “Joke-ish” world where he counters Middle-class families and things around it like a pro!
Here are 5 best jokes by Kenny that will crack you up in no time :-
1). Because sharing is caring!
When Kenny made us all go back to the days of “Family who scrubs together stays together”.
2). We are thankful that Kenny’s family broke the stereotype.
Desserts and middle-class families never went hand in hand until Kenny’s family came into action.
3).Pro Tip!
That’s a better and easier way to disappoint your father rather than opting arts instead of science. Thanks Kenny!
4). OCD and Moms: Match made in heaven
When Kenny said the much needed thing on behalf of every middle class family child.
5). We Still Love you, Mom!
Kenny, please stop making us weep now. Tch tch
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