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There is so much that we go through in our day to day life but get short of words to describe what we are feeling. Not able to describe what we are feeling or what is going on inside us can be frustrating. It can often lead us to a very dark place.
Many times not being able to articulate our emotions make us feel disconnected. Have you ever thought that there is so much I want to say to this person but don’t know how? Have you ever got short of words or maybe not found the right words to say? Have you got caught in the ‘nobody understands me syndrome’?
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig will give words to your feelings. Here are some words we picked up from his dictionary that will perfectly describe some emotions you don’t have words for.

When you feel a connection with an author or a book.

When you have a conversation with yourself.

Feeling that used bookshops make you feel.

The feeling of looking for someone in a crowd.

Feeling out of place.

Feeling frustrated with getting to know someone.

Feeling of being wrong all the time.

When you realise you are happy right now.

The frustration of capturing something amazing but it already exists.

When you care less.

When you find someone so attractive that it pisses you off.

When you feel the life of passer-by.

The feeling of having an active social life but fewer friends.

The feeling you get when you know how little world you will get to experience.
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